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  • Punishments

    Punishment Removal - Get Unbanned!

    Did you run into a bit of trouble with our server rules?

    "I followed the rules... I followed them all the way out the door!" – Every Minecrafter, at some point.

    But fear not, dear rule-challenged adventurer! Our Punishment Removal service is here to offer you a second chance. For a small fee, you can say goodbye to your ban and hello to a fresh start on our server.

    Note: The price for an unban increases with each purchase. A maximum of 3 unbans can be purchased per player.

    What do you get?

    • Immediate Unban: Return to the game as if nothing happened.
    • A Second Chance: Show us the rule-abiding citizen you truly are.
    • Support the Server: Your purchase helps keep our world spinning.

    Important: Purchasing an unban does not prevent future punishments. You are still required to follow all server rules post-unban.

    Unban #1
    30.00 USD
    Unban #2
    60.00 USD
    Unban #3
    90.00 USD